Rhea Chakraborty Exposed Everything About Sushant Singh Rajput on his One Month Death Anniversary

Actors Rhea Chakraborty and Ankita Lokhande posted about Sushant Singh Rajput for the first time since his death last month Rhea Chakraborty took to Instagram to share happy pictures and a heartfelt note for the actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Rhea chakraborty had been saying at the beginning that they had a good friendship but everyone knew they had a better Relationship than the friendship.

Today, a month later, she revealed that Rhea had sent a photo of her to Sushant on Instagram and Whatsapp and had sent them love letters.

 In this post, you will be shown Riya’s Instagram post with her first photos of Sushant and Ankita’s Instagram post below.

Rhea chakraborty fans have also given her a dirty dirty comment.
Fans say that while Sushant was still alive,Rhea chakraborty left him now showing sympathy for Sushant Singh Rajput.

Rhea chakraborty still knows a lot but she has been hiding something from people since one month. We hope Rhea will tell you everything because Sushant was very close to her.

Just a month before June 14, Sushant Singh Rajput, a talented Indian cinematographer, suicide at his home. The horror is worse than Sushant's tragic death. No one understood how a successful actor and his talent were so well-known, how he could take such a step as suicide. This question is still in place after one month.

Sushant Singh Rajput Biography, Suicide or Murder: Know Everything Here

The grief of Sushant's passing has been a constant source of concern for people day and night. Rhea chakraborty, Sushant's ex-girlfriend Ankita before her death, sent two photos with her on July 14 and wrote a very touching text. While Riya finds everyone's love in this post, no lowly people retaliate. He is also trampled on by the suspicious activity of Riya and Sushant's relationship.

 Rhea chakraborty's Post on Instagram

Rhea chakraborty recalls Sushant saying that Sushant taught her to trust in love. He taught me how simple mathematical teaching teaches the philosophy of life. And every day I learned something from him. Riya eventually wrote that she had lost 30 days, but she loved it for the rest of her life. I've combined it to the other side to the other side of divinity.

Read this Post of Rhea which she shared on Instagram and lot of pics she shared on whatsapp also which show that they were in Relationship as Rhea denied in beginning

Rhea Chakraborty pics on Whatsapp Post 

At the same time, Sushant's ex-girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande, posted a post on her Instagram. Earlier, after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita Lokhande did not post a single one on Instagram.

Ankita Lokhande posted a photo, in which she saw a light burning in a house of worship, near where other white flowers were kept. Ankita wrote just three words in this post - Child of God.

In 2009, when the couple Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande, along with the TV show 'Pritha Rishta',  settle in the hearts of the audience, also in real life they committed with each other Sushant and Ankita stayed in relationship for 6 years then they took decison of Breakup.

Sushant and Riya Chakraborty Relationship

Sushant and Riya Chakraborty were seen together often. Celebrating each other's birthday or going to the gym, Sushant and Riya got together. According to reports, the two were dating. On one such occasion, Sushant Singh Rajput shared a photo with Riya.

However, As is often the case in this glamorous industry, after 6 years, the two are separated. After that all that had happened between the two of them, because these stars who loved each other more than their lives, in what ways did they put it?

About Rhea Chakraborty 

Rhea Chakraborty is an actress from Indian Bollywood and Tollywood. Riya began her acting career in Bollywood with the film Mere Dad’s Maruti. She has played the lead role of Sonali in the film Sonali Cable.

Riya Chakraborty did her first studies at the Ambala Army School.

In Varah of 2012, he made her the first actress in the film Telga Tunega-Tunega. In the film, she played the role of Nidhi. He then appeared in the Hindi film Sonali Cable. The film was directed by Hindi cinema veteran director Ramesh Sippy. Although the film T was not something special, Riya's performance has gone north in the hearts of the people. He will soon be seen facing Ritesh Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi in Yash Raj's Banchor advertising film.

Riya Chakraborty began her career with a small screen reality MTV Scooty Teen Diu. He would not be a winner in this show and should be satisfied as a runner. He was seen carrying several shows on MTV.

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