Private Trains Launched In India- New Update By Indian Railways

Private Trains Update

Soon 151 Private Trains will be seen running in India. That is, 151 Private Trains will run like Tejas Express. Indian Railways begins process for entry of ‘private trains. Private trains will benefit travellers Private train operations in the country will begin by April 2023, and the ticket fares in these trains will be competitive with airfares on similar.


Indian Railways has started preparations for this. Indian Railways on Wednesday started working on a plan to allow private units to run passenger trains on its network. Under this, Private Trains can be run on 109 routes.The Indian Railways has invited tenders for this. According to news agency PTI, the Railways said that the private sector will invest money in it and there will be an investment of around Rs 30,000 crore. Explain that this is the first step to be taken for private investment to run passenger trains on the rail network of Indian Railways. However, it was started by the Indian Railways Food and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) last year with the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express.Currently IRCTC operates three trains, which include Kashi-Mahakal Express, Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas and Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express on Varanasi-Indore route. Indian Railways said, 'The objective of this initiative is to run Private Trains with advanced technology, which reduces maintenance and reduces travel time. This will provide employment opportunities for the youth. Security will be better and passengers will get experience of traveling to world level.

How many coaches will there be in Private Trains?


109 routes of the Private Trains have been placed in 12 sections of the Indian Railways network. Each train will have at least 16 coaches. According to Indian Railways , most of these modern trains will be built under 'Make in India' and the private company running it will be responsible for the maintenance, procurement and transportation of Private Trains. 

 Latest Update For Private Trains By Indian Railways 

A few days ago, the government announced to increase private participation by the Indian Railways. In such a situation, the biggest question is, who will decide the fare of the private companies that will run the train, who will decide the fare of it. According to the information received so far, the Indian Railways can give the right to fix fares to private companies. Indian Railways has approved to run 151 trains on 100 routes through Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. According to Live Mint, booking of trains run by these companies will be done through the Railway Passenger Reservation System. According to the Project Information Memorandum Document (PIM) issued by the National Transporter, a system will be devised in which the income from ticket booking will be kept in an escrow account. The purpose of PIM is to give the bidding companies a detailed idea of ??the proposal for passenger train operations.

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The new companies coming in the railways will be given some benefit. According to PIM, "No train will leave for that destination until 60 minutes after the opening of private companies' train. However this condition will not be applicable when the occupancy of these trains will be more than 80 percent in the first three months."151 trains of private companies will run on the most busy route, where there are more passengers. The concession period for the project will be 35 years. During this time, private companies will give fixed haulage charge to the railways. Private company will share in earnings

Important Information Regarding Indian 


The network of Indian Railways is one of the top-5 networks in the world and is the largest department employing about 15 lakh employees. Now Indian Railways is reaching every corner of the country, but do you know about the first train of the country? Please tell that on this day in the year 1853, the first train in India ran on the track. Let's know what was the view at that time and how was the first train ...?


Let me tell you that on 16 April 1853 the first train was run and this train was run at a distance of 35 km. The time when this train ran on the track, the time was happening at 3.35 pm.

This train was run from Boribandar (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal) to Thane.
Steam engines started being built in 1856 in India. After this, railway tracks were gradually laid. First the railroad ran on narrow gauge, after that the meter gauge and broad gauge line was laid. On 1 March 1969, the country's first superfast train ran from Delhi to Howrah on the broad gauge line.

George Stephenson built a steam engine in 1814, which was not only powerful but also capable of pulling heavy objects from it. On 27 September 1825, 38 railway coaches were pulled up with the help of steam engines, which carried 600 passengers. This first train covered 37 miles from London's Darlington to Stockton at a speed of 14 mph. After this incident, many countries started making rail engines and coaches.

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