Divyanshi jain and Tushar Singh Scored 100% Everything Explained

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the results in Grade 12 on Monday. Divyanshi Jain of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, made history throughout the country.

She has brought the name of Lucknow across the country by getting 600 out of 600 numbers out of twelve. After the success of Divyanshi Jain, a student of Navyug Radiance School, people from the neighborhood and acquaintances at the school kept congratulating them, people kissing their cheeks. At the same time, there is a lot of congratulations in her house.


Divyanshi Jain was congratulated by former UP prime minister and Samajwadi Party official Akhilesh Yadav. On Twitter, Akhilesh wrote that 'Congratulations to Lucknow student Divyanshi Jain who obtained 100% marks in the CBSE board tests and best wishes for a brighter future'.

Following his results, Divyanshi Jain told the media that she did not think his dream would be 100 percent. This achievement is also important because the Divorce has achieved these figures for the people. Divyanshi Jain said he scored 97.6 percent in high school. After that, she has achieved this success through hard work and dedication.

As soon as the CBSE result was announced, there was an atmosphere of excitement at Delhi Public School, Indira Nagar, Lucknow. The result of class 12 is different. The success of the students' hard work for a year was seen as satisfaction and a smile on their faces once the results were announced. Students received high marks of 98.6%. In the science category, Sreya Kumar received first place with 98.6 percent.

95.8 percent Aditya Singh marks second place and Manjish Dev and Shakreyanshi Rai with 95.4 points put the school name in third place. Students also showcased their marketing talent. Maryam Ahmed received first place with 95.4 percent, Yashna Sharma with second place with 94.4 marks and Shatakshi with third place with 94 marks.

150 CBSE-linked schools are run in Lucknow. From here, about 11,000 students had taken the 12SA test now. Their results were released Monday afternoon. The CBSE website was shocked as soon as the results were released. Results were seen after much.

Notably, the Central Board of Secondary Education announced the results of the 12th class abruptly on Monday. This year the average CBSE score of 12 was 88.78 percent, better than last year. This year 10,59 lakh students graduated from class XII. The reader is very happy with his result.effort.

Divyanshi Jain was born in 2002 (aged 18; as of 2020) in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. From his advanced education, Divyanshi excelled in research and has always been an intellectual. He has attended the Navyuga Radiance Senior Secondary Faculty in Rajendra Nagar, Lucknow. After hitting the 100 qualifiers within the CBSE 12th Examination, Divyanshi Jain grew into a family.

Devyanshi Jain’s father, Primash Jain runs regular retailers in Ganeshgunj, Lucknow, and his mother, Seema Jain is a domestic maker. Divyanshi is the second child of her father and mother. The identification of his older sister is Shreyanshi.

I did not count the hours I should study. Yes, after reading for an hour, I always rested for a while. Every day there was a goal, after which he stopped studying. But the hours were never counted.

Marks Of Divyanshi Jain




Insurance 600

CBSE Board 2nd topper After Divyanshi Jain


Tushar Singh - a Humanities student from Delhi Public School, Bulandshahr scored 100% in all five subjects. Tushar has achieved amazing success on the 12th board with the exception of private courses and teaching classes - which is common these days.

While Divanshi wants to do archeological work, Tushar wants to go for a public service test and become an IAS official.

The result of the CBSE Class 12 (CBSE Class XIIth) for the year 2020 was announced yesterday.

About C.B.S.E

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the national level board responsible for imparting education in India and outside the country. CBSE was established on November 03, 1962. It is known as CBSE. The headquarters of CBSE is located in New Delhi, India.
It is a government board of education. According to the 2017 survey, there are 19,316 schools affiliated with the board. CBSE instructs affiliated schools to follow NCERT syllabus. The board provides courses to schools. It conducts examinations and then declares the result for the same.


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