Second Coronavirus Wave in China

Welcome to our Website. This article covers the whole story about Second Coronavirus Wave in China that started on Sunday in Xinfadi Market, Beijing. The second wave emerged in the market on Sunday, when China reported 79 fresh Covid Cases, which is China's highest Single day count after April. Read the article to know complete details. 

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Second Coronavirus Wave in China

China is the country, where COVID 19 first emerged in December last year. This contagious disease soon spread around the globe. The World Health Organisation declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 Jan, and a pandemic on 11 March. As of 16 June, there are more than Eight million cases of the Virus around the World and more than Four Lakh fatalities.
China, which was the source of COVID 19, contained the virus by enforcing strict curbs and Lockdown across the affected areas. China, was though successful in handling the Outbreak and Opened its Curbs and lockdown on 7 April, after following a strict lockdown of 76 days. But, a Second Coronavirus Wave hit China on Sunday, when fresh 79 confirmed cases were reported in the Xinfadi Market, Beijing. The Xinfadi Market is the largest wholesale food market in Beijing. China sees the highest Single day spike on Sunday after April.


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China's Quick response to the Outbreak

China responded really quickly after discovering a dozen of Cases and put the Beijing on high alert, China soon started massive testing. The steps(on Sunday) taken by the China after the Second Coronavirus Wave :

  • 8,000 staff inside the market have been tested, are now under quarantine and medical observations.
  • 2,00,000 residents visited the market since May 30 have been traced
  • 90,000 people recieved nucleic acid tests.


Dr Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Huashan Hospital, China has noted that the proportion of asymptomatic cases of the Xinfadi Market stands between 18% - 31%. "The risk of large scale transmission remains low because the COVID 19 was detected quickly", Dr Zhang told in a statement. 
China's chief epidemiologist said response in the capital was timely and effective as COVID 19 cases climbed up to 106 since Thursday. 32 new cases linked to the Xinfadi Market have been reported on Monday. 

Many Super power countries are constantly trying to contain this disease but are terribly failing, but China is once again showing to contain the disease without much damage caused to its economy. China may be taken as an example to learn how to deal with such a Contagious Virus. The technology has played p crucial role in dealing with this virus. Countries like India, US must learn to contain this disease, Otherwise a lot of fatalities can be seen in the upcoming months. 

This was the complete analysis of the Second Coronavirus Wave in China, hope you have liked our work, to stay updated about such informative article, follow our website. 

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