Real Story Behind the Dead Elephant of Kerala

Hello Everyone, As we Know the topic of Pregnant Elephant is very famous Nowadays, but a lot of us live in a lot of confusion means most of us made a lot of rumors so by the help of my blog I tried to clear the Real story behind the Dead Elephant of Kerala so please read the whole blog and if you have any confusion regarding this topic so please comment me below.

Real Story Behind the Dead Elephant of Kerala

The incident of pregnant Elephant took place on 27th May where a pregnant elephant was found dead in the Velliyar River last week, Her Jaw was broken, and her death creates lots of rumors in the people of India, Forest officials said that the Elephant died standing in the river Velliyar after it suffered an injury in its lower jaw.

Death of Pregnant Elephant has made all India to think Because the details which were provided by the people are macabre. Peoples said she ate a pineapple that was fed by a few locals. The fruit was laden with crackers and she chomped on it. The crackers exploded in her mouth, damaging her tongue and destroying her jaw. There were a lot of persons who tried to take her out of the river but they failed then Forest professionals made efforts to bring it to the river bank using two other trained elephants. But, they failed and she died with her little one inside her womb that’s why (I called her pregnant). On June 3 an FIR was registered under relevant sections of the Wildlife Protection Act. Two people have been taken into custody.

Real-Story -Behind-the -Elephant-of- Kerala

It is a matter of great pleasure that our government thinks of everyone this statement proved by the CM of Kerala “Pinarayi Vijayan” has promised strict action against offenders. “The forest department is probing the case and the culprits won’t be spared" , he said today. Vijayan also said that he was saddened by the fact some used this tragedy to unleash a hate campaign.

The post-mortem report found that the immediate cause of the death of the pregnant elephant was due to die through submersion in and inhalation of water and we can say drowning followed led to lung failure. The major and incapacitating injuries and wounds in the oral cavity caused localized sepsis and have most likely occurred following an explosive blast in the mouth. This has resulted in unbearable pain and distress in the region and prevented the animal from taking food and water for nearly 2 weeks. Severe debility and weakness in turn resulted in the final collapse in water that led to drowning.

The Forest Department has said that a “significant headway” has been made in the Investigation Team set up for probing the death of the elephant is questioning several suspects.The forest department assured that it would be unturned to ensure maximum punishment to the culprits. However, the forest department also said there was no evidence that injury to the animal’s lower jaw was caused by pineapple stuffed with cracker but this might be a possibility.


As we all know a lot of people shared this fake news that pregnant elephant murdered by the people of Kerala so I think your all doubts were cleared by this above paragraph so please before publishing any post on the social platform, Try to investigate the reason behind your invest after that post your data on your social platform because your one post can create a bad image of anyone so please stop this, the same thing we saw in Uttrakhand case there was no fire lit in the forest and people create a post that fire lit in 2020 and people. 

This is the analysis of Real Story Behind the Dead Elephant of Kerala if any new update will come so i will publish new update on the same blog.


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