Rajya Sabha Election In Manipur: BJP Defeated Or Not

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Rajya Sabha Election In Manipur: BJP Defeated Or Not


As we know, elections is running in Manipur for Rajya Sbha seats in Manipur and Bjp feel the same tone as it felt in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat earlier, BJP tried a lot to get position in Madhya Pradesh but at the end of election the game was changed and Madhya Pradesh again come to hand of Congress, BJP again and again came into ENIGMA, the plans of BJP always act spick and span but mostly in the cases of states it defeated.

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How are the Rajya Sabha members elected?

The Rajya sabha is also called by the name of Council of States which is the upper house of the bicameral Parliament of India. It currently has a maximum membership of 245, of which 233 are elected by the legislatures of the States and Union Territories using single transferable votes through open Ballot while the President can appoint 12 other members for their contribution to the field of Art, Literature, Science, and Social Services. Elections to the Rajya Sabha are totally Indirect means normal citizens will not elect member of Rajya sabha Directly, the members who represent States are elected members of legislative assemblies of the States in accordanc with the system of the single transferable vote, and those representing Union Territories are chosen.

Rajya Sabha Election In Manipur at time of Coronavirus

9 MLAs have withdrawn support to the first BJP government in Manipur. The CM of Manipur  N.Biren Singh faces an uncertain future at this  Rajya Sabha Election in Manipur and he totally depend on the governor ofManipur named Najma Hepatullah.
Ago, there was 60- member at Manipur Assembly but currently there is only 59 MLAs because Shyamkumar singh stands disqualified who belongs from Congress Party.
The Congress had won 28 seats on the same side BJP achieved only 21 seats there, the result is in front of you. Now you can easily understand ehat done with BJP at state level, The BJP, however, took off the block quickly to garner support of four MLAs of the National People's Party (NPP) (a national party with a government in Meghalaya where the BJP extends support to the Conrad Sangma government), four from the Naga People's Front (NPF) (a BJP ally in Nagaland), lone member of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) (the BJP's rival in West Bengal), one MLA of ally Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and an Independent member.
The BJP was happy due to the support of 7 MLAs, but the case of their disqualification is pending in court , They can’t vote until the verdict is pronounced. The Manipur High Court restrained them from entering the Vidhan Sabha only last week so BJP lost its all hope now.
NPP (National People’s Party) , the TMC and the independent MLA have withdrawn support to the Biren Singh government, which has fallen into minority.

 Rajya Sabha Election In Manipur: BJP Shocked


The resignation of 3 of its own MLAs causes BJP is totally shocked it couldn’t understand what is going now with it?.Former CM and Congress Leader Okram Ibobi Singh is ready to replace Biren Singh, claiming a Majority support. The resignation has a back story that goes back to the days when Okram Ibobi Singh was the chief minister. NPP leader Y Joykumar Singh, who resigned as deputy chief minister from the Biren Singh government, was the DGP of Manipur under the Okram Ibobi Singh government for almost five years between March 2007 and January 2012.
Joykumar Singh is said to have maintained close contacts with Okram Ibobi Singh, who was the chief minister from 2002 to 2017, even after becoming an NPP member and deputy to Biren Singh in the government.
The Congress has said it has support of 20 of its MLAs - ignoring seven, who pledged support to the BJP and face a possible disqualification, and 10 others. This is more than the required number in the house with an effective strength of 52.
 On the other Hand, BJP had the support of 18 of its MLAs and support of 5 MLAs from the NPF and LP, 7 rebel congress MLAs supporting it can’t come to Rajya Sabha Election in Manipur.

The congress may be looking to compensate only one seart as it apparently losing in Gujarat and BJP stands on sticky wicket in Manipur and battling to save both its government and the Rajya Sabha seat vacated by its member K Bhabananda who retires in April.

On Today there will be hel Rajya Sabha Election in Manipur for only one seat of Rajya Sabha but this election can win by Congress because congress passed Low Confidenc  Motion against BJP so there is lot of possibility that Congress will win this seat.

Voting for Rajya Sabha Election in Manipur take Place on 19th June 2020 means today, we will see who will defeat or who will win at here in Evening. I will always upload every new update on same page.


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