QS Ranking For Universities of The World 2020

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QS Ranking  Universities of the World 2020

QS stands for Quacquarelli Symonds it was previously Known as Times Higher Education (THE) which published lot of Rankings for Universities Now it is known by the name of THE Asian Ranking which give ranking to Universities of Asia.

QS-Ranking -Universitie- of-the-World-2020

QS Ranking done for World Universities, it is an annual publication of University Ranking, it gave Ranking to Top Universities by evaluating them into 6 or more metrice,  its Ranking announced by study of 48 different subjects and five composite faculty areas. It is the only International Ranking to have received International Expert Group (IREG) approval.

What criteria is used to rank universities?

It is very important to know How is QS Ranking Done? how these Universities of the World got Rank, so there are some factors which cause they got rank in the world and it is very honourable thing for that country as well as for that university to got highest rank by fulfilling these factors.

Academic peer review
Based on an internal global academic survey
Faculty/Student ratio
A measurement of
Teaching Commitment
Citations per faculty
A measurement of research commitment
Employer Reputation
Based on Survey on graduate employers
International staff  ratio
A measurement of the student community
International student ratio
A measurement of the diversity of the student community


Who is the No 1 University in world 2020-21?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, America is the NO 1 University in world since 2013, No one could got its Rank from a long time and it is also famous by MIT.

MIT is a private university in Cambridge, MIT has 5 schools and one college and its have 32 academic departments. It gains much more importance in scientific and technological research. It started in 1861.

What are Top Universities of the World in 2020-21?

This is very unbelievable thing that 4 universities got rank in top 5 from America means there are lot of developed countries in the world but America always won from other countries.

  • Top 1 University--- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AmericaT
  • Top 2 University--- Stanford University, America
  • Top3 University---Harvard University, America
  • Top 4 University---California Institute of Technology
  • Top 5 University---University of Oxford, Oxford

Which is the No 1 University in India 2020-21?

The No 1 University in India is IIT Bombay which got rank 152 in the World and No 1 in India.

This year only 3 Indian Institutions were among the Top two hundred Ranks 2 IITs and IISc, In THE Asian Ranking India got good postion but not that much in QS Ranking.

No 1 University in India- IIT Bombay ( In world its Rank is 152)
No 2 University in India- IIT Delhi     ( In world its Rank is 182)
No 3 University in India- IISc Bengaluru ( In world its Rank is 184)


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