Important 13th June 2020 Current Affairs

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 13th June 2020 Current Affairs


Ques:1. Which State has launched “Jagaanna Chedodu scheme” for Taiors, barbers, and washerman (dhobis)?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

Important Information Related to this Question

Due to Covid-19, the business of these people remain stopped. To provide financial help Andhra Pradesh launched this Scheme, Rs 247 crore spent on this scheme by which Rs.10,000 will transferred to each person (Washerman, Barbers, and Tailors).

Government of Andhra Pradesh also introduced “Vidya Deevana Kit” for school students and that Kit includes Uniforms, Shoes, Socks, Books and Bags, Rythu Bharosa launched for Farmers, Amma Vodi, Pension Kanuka, Vasathi Deevana, Vahana Mitra, Matasyakara Bharosa are some another schemes of Andhra Pradesh which was launched for the welfare of the people.

The party name which exist in Andhra Pradesh is YSR Congress which stands as Yuva Sramika Rythu  Congress Party  means Youth,Labour, and Farmers Congress Party, It an Indian regional political party which is different  from Natonal Congress Party.

Ques:2. HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriya has released NIRF Rankings 2020. Name the Institute which topped the list of “Overall Category”?

Ans: IIT Madras

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NIRF stands for National Institutional Ranking Framework by which Top Universities are chosen in the field of Medical Science, Engineering and some other 8 categories. These top Universities are chosen on the basis of 5 Parameters. Ago there was only 9 Categories but now Dental also added.

This is the 5th Edition. This Ranking was first released in September 2015. Indian Institute os Science, Bengaluru got rank 2nd among 5,085 Universities.

Ques:3. 95th Annual plenary session of Indian Chamber of Commerce was addressed by ……………………

Ans: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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This done by Video cionferencing, Our Pm said this is “Time for Bold Investments, not conservative decisions”, Coronavirus will be turning point for India to become Self-Reliant

About ICC
ICC stands for Indian chamber of Commerce which is the premier body of Business and Industry in Eastern and North-Eastern India, this was established on 1925 and its headquarter is situated in Kolkata.
President: Mayank Jalan

Ques:4. How many times has Asiatic Lion’s population increased?

Ans: 674 ago this was 523 in Number, rise of 29% from 27%.

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This Survey was done by population observation exercise called “Poonam Avlokan” . The Lion distribution area also increased from 22,000 to 30,000.

Ques:5 Which City topped in Mercer’s Ranking?

Ans: Hong Kong

Important Information Related to this Question
As we Know, Mercer is one of the company which released 26th Annual “Cost of Living Survey 2020”, This survey includes over 400 cities throughout the World in 5 continent which measures how expensive the City is?

In simple words we can say that Hon Kong is the expensive city in the World and Mumbai is the expensive city in India, where Living is too much expensive.

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