Conservative Party for Government Exams

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party was founded in the 1830s. The term conservative was suggested by J.Wilson Croker and was immediately adopted by Robert Peel who known as the founder of Conservative Party.These are groups of ruling class and person in power who initially opposed the Liberals and Radicals because Liberals and Radicals want change in Society but Conservative Party don’t want any type of change in the society because Liberals and Radicals want freedom from Conservative because they ruled according to their Mind. In simple words, we can say Conservative Party are group of that people who are very Rich and they are rulers there who ruled over Liberals, Radicals who live in Europe. The Principles and Belief which were held by Conservatives are:


1.    Hatred of revolutionary upheals because they could defeat Conservatives.
2.    Obedience to Political Party
3.    Structured and Ordered society
4.    Tradition as a guide for an ordered society.
5.    Precedence of Community over Individual Rights.

Why do conservatives do not want democracy in Europe?

As we know, Conservatives are that group of people who have Power. If Democracy will exist so Conservatives will lost their Power because if the public taste the democracy so they will demand for democracy by which Conservatives should lost their throne because people didn’t want to work under Kings that’s why Conservatives never want democracy and they alwayes had fear for their future. The common thing among the conservative parties in his study is not ideology, but who they primarily represented when they were founded: “upper-class propertied economic elites” or “political elites” with ties to the old, pre-democratic regime in each country. After 1848, when revolutions against conservative governments rolled Europe, all of these conservative parties resisted political and economic change, including growing “mobility and economic exchange” and the disappearance of “traditional systems of social power,” 

What was the reason conservatives were being opposed by liberal nationalist?

At that time, Conservatives ruled over the country at where Opulent and wealthy (Rich) persons took decision and only they had Right to took any decision which cause one another Group formed there which was succeed in lag behind  of Conservatives.


Liberals are those group of people who wanted change in the society, they need the decision which were taken by government of Conservatives should came into hand of all citizens and Liberals wanted Right to Vote b which they can select their own they can murder tKing and Conservative always opposed that type of group because they knew their future if person tasted Freedom so its sure they will demand for it and to achieve Freedom hey could murdered Conservatives same thing was happened as conservatives thing before, that’s why Conservatives always opposed Liberals. 

What are drawbacks/Disadvantages of Conservatism?

  • Conservatism is tempering the rate of change so that things don't change in the society, so the whole society can't stay under ruling so the thinking is one of the major disadvantage of Conservatives.

  •  Limited Intervention in free markets leads to widening of the rich poor gap and a society basically ensalved to corporate interests thats why Liberal form a group to remove Conservative Party. 

  •     The major disadvantage is the thinking of Conservatives they never want any change in the society because they always want to Rule over others which can't digested by society for long time.

What did the Conservatives realise in 1848? 

The French Revolution was turning point in modern European history that begin in 1789 with the ascent of Napolean Bonaparte, but after that Conservative came in rule and they realized very soon that they will never win over Liberals because Liberal work for the welfare of the people and People always supported that liberals not Conservatives, As we know Conservative never wanted to change but after this 1848 Conservatives decided to change theirselves but only with some conditions and that were all people should respect them (conservative), their decisions and much more….

In what way was the ideology of conservatives different from those of radicals in Europe?

Conservatives always wanted organic society on whom they could Rule and they followed their Culture and Tradition and always believed on their property rights and they never want to change  for the welfare of the society.

On the other hand, Liberals always wanted to work for the welfare of the society they always wanted freedom from conservatives and they didn’t want to remain stay under Rule of Conservatives and they defeated Conservatives.

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