Russia Revolution of 1917

Russia Revolution of 1917

Citizens of all over the world do lot of struggle for their freedom,you can take any of the country of the world so you will find a new history of that country. As we see in the case of China, it’s people fought against communism and done cultural revolution, Japan fought with Russia for taking power of Korea and there are many other countries who done lot of struggle for their establishment. Today we are talking about Russian Revolution. Today we are discussing Struggle of Russian citizens in the Russia Revolution of 1917 so lot of wars happened during this war so read below how Russia Revolution of 1917 happened.

Russia Revolution of 1917
At the turn of 20th century, Russia was an Agrarian country (the country depend on Agriculture for its survival), The Farmers were very poor and bear by highly Taxed. The key of the country’s government was in hand of Aristocrats ( Noble family members) and clergy ( related to church). Industrial development was very minimal at that time in Russia. Workers of these Indutries were lived in those cities which have overcrowded apartments and Poor Conditions. There was lack of sewage system and sanitary system in those cities so people suffered a lot there.

Ideas of Enlightenment, Democracy, Rights of individual and accountable government were spread from western Europe by Kant and Immanuel to Russia in 19th century. Romonovs were absolute Monarchs since 17th century and Monarch were called by the names of Tsar and Czar who had power to do anything, they hadn’t any Prime Minister or Cabinet all the Decisions were taken by themselves, by this the citizens of Russia suffered a lot.Tsar/Czar Nicholas-2 ascends the throne in the year 1894 and he influenced by a person named Rasputin who was Mystic ( who say I can treat any type of disease of the world). After sometime the News was heard by the people that Alexendra (Nicholas-2 wife) committed an Affair with Rasputin.

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin got high value in the Russian revolution, Because Karl Marx gave the theory of Communism and some additional changes was given by Lenin in the theory of Marx. He (Marx) gave the theory that the workers of the society (Proletariat) are the real owner of the Resources but Lenin said if workers got this power so it took lot of time to understand each and everything so some educated persons come before these workers and made themselves Dictator of these workers.These theories were Known by the name of Marxist-Lenninist.

Russian Social Democratic party ( RSDP)

This Party was formed in the year 1898, the  leader was Lenin and this party added the Philosophy of Marx and Lenin which was known by Marxist-Lenninist. This party looked for the interest of Workers means they worked for the welfare of Workers. But this party split into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks Faction in 1903. In Russia the term Bolsheviks means Majority but they never lived in Majority they were less in Number and Mensheviks means Minority but they always lived as Majority. So both terms are inverse to each other.

 Revolution of 1905 in Russia

As we know, Russo-Japanese War occurred in 1905 for Dominance of Manchuria and Korea because Russia want that port which lies between Manchuria and Korea but Russia defeated by that small country named Japan and this was the major Reason of Revolution of 1905.

Workers strike done in Russia because they were demaning their Rights but they were suppressed by the Military on the order of Tsar and this was named by Bloody Sunday, when Tsar killed lot of workers so it arise a fire in the heart of the citizen and they start a huge Protest so by seing this Tsar agreed to fulfill some demands of the workers and at that time DUMA (Representative Body/ Parliament) was established in Russia now the whole power was not in hand of Tsar some of the power come in the hand of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Peter Stolypin became ist Prime Minister of Russia ( 1906-11) but he was murdered by the Tsar because Tsar have fear of his Throne because Peter do lot of works for the welfare of citizens, Lot of Land reforms was created by Peterand he created a good image in the heart of the people.

The World War-1 held in 1914 at where 20 lakh soldiers and 80 lakh civilians of Russia Dead. The people suffered lot of economic crises food shortage by upcoming 1917.

Russia Revolution of 1917

There were 2 revolutions happened in Russia and one of the major reason behind Revolution is World War-1. There were two phases of this revolution, most of the people were confused about the dates of these phases, so as we all know there are 2 calenders ist named as Julian calendar (old calendar) and other one is Gregorian (new calendar).

Phase-1 of the Revolution

According to Julian calendar the first phase of this Revolution occurred in the month of February but if we go through the Gregorian calendar so this phase happened in the month of  March. The people suffered from food shortage so 50,000 workers started strike in Petrograd ( known by Saint Petersburg), this protest causes Tsar Nicholas abdicates in favour of hi brother Michael, Michael denied to took throne due to fear of Protes and by this Monarche was come to an end and DUMA took Power and Social Democrat Provisional governmet had formed. Alexander Kerensky became Prime Minister who was from Meneshevik faction.

Phase-2 of the revolution

This  phase-2 Revolution occurred in the month of October according to Julian Calender and according to new calendar it happened in the month November, but this revolution named by October Revolution and some people said this Blooddless Revolution.

This Revolution came in demand because Government  didn’t stop World War, and they didn’t done any type of Elections for DUMA and people suffered from shoratage of food  due to running World War.

Bolsheviks ( RSDP Party) demanded immediate Reforms and withdrawl from World War-1, but the Government bans the Bolsheviks and arrest leaders. Lenin returned and gave his famous speeches. SOVIETS ( workers councils) of all over the factories of the Russia are under Bolshevik control and help in change of Government.

On October 24, Lenin ordered Red guards ( Part of Bolsheviks) to capture all government buildings ( schools, offices postoffices) and withn one day they captured the big city Moscow and Saint Petersburg which cause Mensheviks left and Bolsheviks came under the government, but Mensheviks were Alive so they were killed  in Russian Civil War  which runned from 1917-1922 between Whites (Supporters of Monarchy,Landlords, noble people, clergy,Mensheviks)  and Reds (Bolsheviks, UK, France, USA). Around 30 lakh people killed during this War. Whites defeated,  Tsar with his family executed  and REDS were known by Red Army and Bolsheviks become Communist Party of Russia.


This war causes Establishment of USSR done in this World with Lenin as the 1st Premier and he followed “Dictatorship of the Poletariat”.

Result of Russian Revolution

End of Monarch in one of the largest empires.
Communism found its practical shape
Nationalisation of all resources.
Abolition of Private property.
Command Economy, 5 Year Plans
First revolution to establish True Equality

This is the complete analysis of Russia Revolution of 1917.


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