Everything about BOIS Locker Room

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Everything about BOIS Locker Room

Most of the people pronounced it BOYS Locker Room but actuality, it is a BOIS LOCKER ROOM, It is kind of an Instagram group as we see WhatsApp group and Facebook group so it is also another part of social media. This group is illegal which was banned by Instagram and Our police Department enquired a lot.


 BOIS LOCKER ROOM In this group all teenagers added themselves and done a lot of those things which appear to be unbelievable, they were gossiping about the body parts of the girls, the photos shared by schoolgirls on Instagram so they added them in their group illegally and passing explicit comments, they were sharing the nudes of the girls ( without any permission), they were talking about how to use the girls?, and one of the shameful thing is that they were discussed How to attempt Gangrap? After reading this what things kept in your mind…. If they were deciding this on today so this is 100 % sure they will attempt this in future. The age of the student varies from 14-18 as I already said that it is a teenager group, This group was formed at the end of March so it showing us that it was started during the lockdown, This is very shameful for our India also, In this lockdown people could do hard work on their disabilities, they can improve themselves by using online platforms, there are a lot of things available on the internet by which you can make yourself Perfect but those children waste their precious time on these filthy ideas. The children are said by the name of “Future of India” but looking this what the future is doing Today. This group’s children were from prominent south Delhi school so this is the small introduction of BOIS LOCKER ROOM.

 As we discussed, they were discussing  girls so one of the girls which were harassed by them complained about BOIS LOCKER ROOM and after some time this group was deactivated by Instagram, but these teenagers never stop themselves at that point they started a new group named by BOIS LOCKER ROOM 2.0 and when you go on its profile so you saw there they said:“Let’s start this again, but this time join the group with fake accounts so no one can expose you , Msg me the username of ur Fake account”. In this group. They again harassed that girl who  complain against them. One of the interesting facts is that this group have 57 followers it shows a lot of people also supported them.
 This shows us how fearless they are? They haven’t any shame, they haven’t any discern about their crime, but they forgot How impervious technology we have? Our police department collected their IP address in few minutes and started investigation.


The one who has been arrested by the police department is a 15-year-old student who was from a prominent school in South Delhi, “22 other boys have also been identified and they would be called for an investigation. This was said by police on Tuesday ( 5th May). The detained accused would be produced before ( front of ) the Juvenile Justice Board.

This case was registered under section 465 (forgery), 471 ( using forged document), 469 ( Forgery for purpose of harming repuatation), 509  ( intending to insult the modesty of any woman) of the IPC and 67 and 67A of the Information Technology (IT) Act at Cyber cell of Delhi Police.

New Update Of BOIS Locker Room

The New update of BOIS locker Room is that a girl chats with other boys by using the name of male means by using Fake ID and she used the name of siddharth but actually he was not a boy she is girl there, who plan about her own GangRaip this is very shameful thing for women community because a lot of women raised her voice for this BOIS Locker Room and now we haven't any words to say. When police want answer from that girl so she said she wants to judge these boys that's why she registers herself by name of Siddharth so this is a new update of BOIS Locker Room.

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  1. It is really shameful...These people are wasting their time ... Because of such youth, our India is lagging behind in progress, all of us should use our time for our good future.

  2. ldkio ko aisa ni krna chahie tha


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