Amphan Cyclone

Hello Everyone and welcome to all of you on your website. Today I am going to tell you sorrowful news of Amphan Cyclone. If all of you want to know, then all of you must read this article carefully, and If you still do not understand anything at all then all of you can tell me in the comment section below, I will help you.

What is Amphan Cyclone?

Amphan cyclone is powerful and deadly tropical Cyclone that cause widespread damage in East India and Bangladesh. In another words, we can say it is the First super cyclone to form in the bay of Bengal since 1999. 
It occurred yesterday, Wednesday ( 20th may 2020), by reading this year most of us weren’t shocked that much, because this year is the worst year at where we see a lot of things happened and which cause this is the year in which the whole world is paying. We wouldn’t get relief with COVID-19 and in this pandemic time we suffered from this Amphan cyclone,  We don’t know how many people paid in this Amphan Cyclone but I try to discuss those things.


Amphan cyclone causes we seen a lot of Devastation in the Eastern Indian city of Kolkata and some areas in Orissa but not that much as we seen in Kolkata. Amphan Cylone has killed at least 84 people across India and Bangladesh, 72 deaths in India and 12 deaths were confirmed in Bangladesh.

Amphan Cyclone in Kolkata

This Amphan Cyclone winds gusting up to 185Km/hr so by knowing this speed you can predict how strong it was. Thousands of trees were uprooted in the bales which cause people to become homeless now, by this Amphan Cyclone electricity and telephone lines brought down and house flattened. Many of Kolkata’s roads are flooded and its 14 million people without power. We don’t know for how much time people will suffer from this shortage of power.

Amphan Cyclone in Kolkata

When we see the airport of Kolkata now so it looks like a Sea, at where Aeroplanes played the Role of ships and Airport played the role of Sea just because of this Amphan Cyclone. The Amphan cyclone looks like the vault of hell.

Statement of Mamta Banerjee on Amphan cyclone

Three districts in West Bengal, South, and North 24 Parganas and East Midnapore were very badly hit by this Amphan cyclone.

Mamta Banerjee said the Devastation in Kolkata, the state Capital was a bigger disaster than Covid-19, she experienced a War like situation Today.The authorities evacuated nearly 2.5 million people ahead of this Amphan cyclone, but we couldn’t save the life of 72 people  ( approx data, survey tell the exact deaths).
Mamta banerjee announced a package for those who lost their lives during this Amphan cyclone she announced to give 2 lakh per person who died in this Amphan cyclone.

People suffered in this Amphan Cyclone

There is one Manjhi family who was devastated from this heavy cyclone, they weren’t able to survive in this lockdown before 2 months but they sold their Jewellery for their survival, they have 1 home which was flooded in this cyclone now they are homeless the shop was also flooded during this cyclone which causes they are jobless,  the man is suffering from Backbone disease which causes he said he is not able to do laboring due to his backbone problem also he said that he can live without food, his wife can live without food but how can his children live without food? He took a loan of 2 lakhs from Bank in which he paid 4,000 per month as EMI but now he said he hasn’t any option except suicide………..

We don’t know how many Manjhi families arise during this Amphan cyclone, there is no data on how many people suffered, how many people pay a lot and how many people lost a lot…
I am just requested to government please stop your internal disputes (parties Issue) now , because BJP done lot of work for their state only, and they don’t do that much with other states and Mamta Banerjee was one of the person who was direct enemy of BJP, so I wish these parties should forgot everything now and try to make plans for the recovery of people because lot of people lost everything during this  Amphan cyclone.

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