Mitron App Exposed which replaced Chinese Tiktok App

Reality Of Mitron App 

Hello Everyone and welcome to all of you once again on your website. Today I am going to tell you the Reality of Mitron App. If all of you want to Know, then all of you must read this Article carefully ,and If you still do not understand anything at all then all of you can tell me in the comment section below, I will help you.

Today I announced one latest news about Mitron App, This App can be said as the Alternative of Tiktok App so people thougt what is new in it? There are many things to know about Mitron App that cause you to feel shocked.

What is Mitron App?

The Mitron is a free short video and social platform, Mitron provides you the facility by which you can make a short video and show your creativity as you did in Tiktok.

Mostly people arise a question that Why we use the Mitron App in place of Tiktok? Yes, your question has more of weightage , I will give Answer of this Question In my next paragraph.

Should we use the Mitron App in Place of Tiktok? 

As you know Tiktok is a Chinese App, that's why some minded people use this App for their own Marketing but it is very sorrowful to say Mitron App doesn't develop in India. The developers have taken advantage of our self-reliant India and generate anger in the hearts of Indians for China by using some Whatsapp Messages and proved themselves Right by saying Mitron is Made In India but it is totally Fake News that Mitron Made in India.
 So, I think you all got your Answer we don't Know that From where this App belongs, so in my opinion you should not use this App because this App couldn't be safe for you and can extract your Personal Data from your Mobile phones.


This news was famous for one Month and Today we get to know this app is not made in India and there is nothing regarding Privacy Policy so Please Uninstall this App because it can extract your personal Data so I think your all doubt will clear by reading this above Paragraph.

 The Whatsapp Message focussed came in News by these statements, (As you know China’s economy is better than India, If you want to see India above china then please Install Mitron App and uninstall your Tiktok App and please try to give advice and ask every person around you to Install the Mitron App to make our self-reliant India, and he got success in his Mission because more than 5 million users installed this App by this Viral WhatsApp message which causes Tiktok rating decreases day by day just because of that Fake Viral Whatsapp Message.

Mitron App Exposed

The developer famous this App by using the statement that This App made in India by the student named "Shivank Aggarwal" who is student of IIT Roorkee but none of us don't know about "Shivank Aggarwal" because there is none named like "Shivank Aggarwal" in IIT Roorkee and developer used this strategy because IIT Roorkee always got famous for his deeds so people could easily believe on this App.

Famous Publishers like Amarujala also published this news without any Investigation and when Public need photograph of "Shivank Aggarwal"  then they haven't any Answer which cause The mitron App exposed.

This App's Domain was purchased on December 2019 by another Country ( can be Pakistan) and DNS of Domain changed into India in the Month of April by seing the Fire of Self-Reliant-India and he got successful in his Mission by achieving more than 5 million users on Mitron App.


In my opinion,Please dont install this App because this is not clarify from where this App belongs so it can be harmful for you and can extract your Personal data .

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