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Hello Everyone and welcome to all of you on your website. Today I am going to tell you sorrowful news of Migrant Workers. If all of you want to know, then all of you must read this article carefully, and If you still do not understand anything at all then all of you can tell me in the comment section below, I will help you.

What is Worker?

Today’s topic is very different from my other topics, Today I don’t know what I say but I say whatever I feel. Do you know the term worker? What do you understand by this? Some people who have broad mind, those who   have lot of money are not able to understand the meaning of worker.  Mostly when we hear  this word, ignore this term, we disrespect, we haven’t any feeling for them,  the people who work for us we always treat them as like Animal ohh sorry today’s world is that world at where dogs have that survival which can’t got by normal person so we can’t compare these workers with Animals because dog’s life is better than workers. Whenever we seen a movie so we knew the film’s actor or actress but anyone is present who know each and every person  who work for that film, each and everybody know that Tajmahal built by Shahjahan but you know after built that Tajmahal  shahjahan ordered to cut the hand of those workers who  built that Tajmahal, after hearing this most of us declared that he took a right decision for uniqueness  wow what a great thinking? If person do work for you so we act as we purchased them, we have right to do anything with him, we can give them lot of pain, we have right to threw him away from our business after we got our work, Mostly people never pay their employees right amount of salary, so let’s tell me they haven’t any heart, they haven’t any family, they haven’t any dream. Please tell me Are you God? Whose have right to give pain to them. Kindly look themselves you stood here just because of them, if you opened a shop so who is god for you? I think your customers will be god for you because if they purchased something from your shop then you will earned so why you treat your god as like on today we done……

This is a very small scale example you could took any example then always you find the workers are those which cause you are able to earn, the workers are those which cause you are able to stand at where the Rich person stood, the small unit of living organism is cell, without cell a body cant form because after being a cell they joined themselves to become tissue and they combined themselves to become organ after lot of formation a living body will form. This phenomena applied to workers if workers work for you then they form a team after that one manager is needed to manage them and after that a business will run, every business have one small unit that named as workers and if a business doesn’t have this small unit so that business can’t run for long time. Please stop yourself, please remember they are also human beings, they have heart and family as like you ……

In whole India we know lockdown is running, lot of migrant workers come to their state because their companies, factories threw them as like tissue paper, Can you feel this moment? If you have responsibility of one family at where your children and wife are included , when your children ask for food and you are not able to give them food so what you will feel, what you will say to your children please try to feel this moment, when you say to your wife who didn’t take a single bite of food from long time, and you will say to her there is 20,000 km remaining to walk (because lot of workers come from Mumbai by walk ) if m realized this thing so I haven’t any answer, I said only one sentence and that is to commit suicide because suicide is better than this life and do you know? This is not a simple suicide it is Murder which done by our society’s ridiculous and fdcorrupted person. I was very happy when I hear that government started 20 lakh crore package at the same time I felt too sad because this package was started for those who haven’t any thing but this package bear by those who have everything. No words to say because I know this can’t be stop but am requesting please stop this, show your humanity because they are also human being they have also one family they have one heart as like you…………………………

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Through this Article, I told you all sorrowful news of Migrant Workers If anyone has liked my Article then share it with your Friends, In addition, if you all have any confusion. All of you can tell me in the comment section below, I will help you.


  1. On one hand, it is sad to read these blogs ... I can feel the problems of laborers.and on the other side ....I am feeling proud to knew that
    Even today people are also understand the problems of workers.... thanks for blog...😊

    1. hmm good comment dear m also feeling same

  2. Great dear your thinking is so pure
    But can our gov understood the all think
    They just make ppan they do not abality to get back all
    And theyvare also say ppz choose me for next five year
    U r rite,
    No can understood for our migrent


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