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 The Jewar Airport was in news from 2000 due to its pending but now the approval was taken by Jewar Airport and finally, it will establish in 2024 at Gautam Buddha District of Jewar which is 28 km away from Greater  Noida,  another name of Jewar Airport is Noida International Greenfield which made in 6-8 runway and made itself India’s largest Airport and Asia’s 2nd Largest Airport.


Asia’s 2nd largest Airport will Jewar Airport

As we know, Beijing Airport get the Ist rank in Asia but Jewar Airport couldn’t replace that Airport but it is able to get the rank of Dubai International Airport means  India will produce 2nd largest Airport in Asia by replacing Dubai Airport.
It is also India's largest Airport by replacing Indira Gandhi Airport of Delhi NCR.

Jewar Airport formed by

There is one swiss company Zurich International Airport of Switzerland win the contract of Jewar Airport which causes that company to invest on Jewar Airport and it will take care of Jewar airport for 40 years ( future’s).

This project come in News from 2000 but approval take by this project in 2019 so we can understand how much time it will took ? This decision was not passed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in the year 2017 but after this most of the people came in support for this project and it passed by the Airport Authority of India.

Importance of Jewar Airport

It will help us to enhance our economy because if International Airport forms in India so it will help us to Import and Export and for Travel purposes also because there are lot of people in the world who wanted to visit  India for Travel purposes.

It is important because In India, there is only one international airport which was famous by the name of Indira Gandhi Airport  which used by  6,000 crore people and it used for Domestic as well as for International purposes so it was not possible to manage this populated country by only one international airport.

It will give a lot of employments for Indians.
Jewar Airport will much bigger than Indira Gandi Airport in terms of facility and area by which it can act as right hand of Indira Gandhi Airport and Jewar Airport also used for domestic and international purposes.

SGM Gunja Singh was stoned by Villagers

When Gunja Singh reached Roohi village in Jewar on 27 January 2020 due to Jewar Airport purpose then 2 dozen of villagers  attacked her by stone, it is a shameful thing that you attack on Officer especially on women officer by stone.

The Villagers attacked her because they don’t want to form an Airport's in their village After all, it will took their green land means their survival because they all are farmers and if  the government took their land so how they can survive… but when all officers submit their opinion in before of farmers so they agreed for this purpose and returned to their home silently.

The Disadvantage of Jewar Airport

There is not that much disadvantage of Jewar Airport because our government paid a lot to those farmers who give their land to the Government, Lastly it was decided to give 1800 per square meter the land but when Farmers strike a lot so government announced to give 2481 per square meter  to those farmers.

Also of this, the Government announced to give 5.5 lakh rupees to each family who give their land and if you have 18+ so you can get employment in Jewar Airport based on your educational qualification but you can choose only one of them and this package is now only for those people who gives their land for Jewar Airport.

The disadvantage is .the people will lost their home and their land and as we know our India know by Agricultural purposes but this Jewar Airport took a lot of Land but Government agreed to give home, employment, cash before construction of  JewarAirport.

Hindon Airport of Ghaziabad is only 40 km away from this Jewar Airport so if this Jewar Airport formed in Uttar Pradesh in this short distance so it will affect the business of Hindon Airport

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