IAS Rani Nagar Resignation due to Sexual Harassment

Hello Everyone and welcome to all of you on your website. Today I am going to tell you sorrowful news of an IAS Rani Nagar Resignation due to Harassment . If all of you want to know, then all of you must read this article carefully, and If you still do not understand anything at all then all of you can tell me in the comment section below, I will help you.

IAS Rani Nagar Resignation 

IAS Rani Nagar uploaded a video on Facebook  in which she wants to say if something ( death  and crime) happened to her and her sister, the persons who are doing harassment with her will responsible for her murder. She had uploaded that type of posts on twitter also and made his resignation open to all social media accounts, IAS Rani Nagar Resigned from her service of IAS by stating of lack of personal safety at her government job. She complain lot of times but always this society wins, this is very shameful for our India that an IAS officer women had not safe in this society, she seems to be the victim of sexual harassment, If an IAS officer women suffered from this  who  have every huge powers so what will be the future of normal women?

IAS Rani Nagar Biodata / Profile 

Rani Nagar is an IAS officer of Haryana Cadre ( 2014 ), now she presently posted as Additional Secretary to Government of Haryana and Additional Director, Social justice and Empowerment Department Governor of Haryana and Additional Secretary to Government of Haryana and Archive Director at Government of Haryana. She had cracked the UPSC Civil services examination in 2013. It is quite interesting that she is the first  Gurjar ( caste )  woman in  history to become an IAS officer. Few women cracked UPSC CSE, but none of them had scored high enough to get an IAS post. Rani Nagar started  as a probationer. She always regarded as an honest and har-working officer but some of her actions wereagainst the Civil Services.


IAS Rani Nagar had first come to limelight when she had accused the ACS Sunil Gulati of Sexual Molestation. Sunil Gulati is currently the Assistant Chief Secretary ( ACS ) of Haryana, because of an allegation of Rani Nagar, he may not become CS.

Reason Behind Resignation of IAS Rani Nagar

When she stayed with her sister at U.T Guest House ( Chandigarh ) so someone opened the lock from outside without her  permission and at that time she was alone with her sister, and when she got the food from Mess so she found an Iron Nail in the Food and lot of things happened with her which cannot be said in words.

In June 2018, Rani Nagar had leveled Harassment charges against a senior IAS officer, who was posted as Additional Chief Secretary. She also filed a complaint that her Senior Officer used to talk in “ double meaning words” with her and even threatened her to spoil the Annual Confidential Report (ACR). An inquiry was initiated which gave a clean chit to the senior officials, no crime would prove against him.

She put her resignation on 4th May but her resignation refused by Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar ( CM of Haryana ) and he urges to change the center for her cadre to UP because  she belongs from Ghaziabad (UP), but this is not the solution how many places will change by women? This shows woman should change their self according to the society but a Man can’t be punishable for his Deeds either the women can be an IAS or simple housewife/ Girl.  This is the reason why we hear a lot of Rape cases every day because this society always arrested women  to change her clothes, to change your lifestyle, to change your place. That type of the same incident was also done with Madhya Pradesh’s IAS officer she was also facing Sexual Harassment at her workplace but she also got an unsatisfied response as IAS Rani Nagar got from the Government. They both are IAS officers who have the freedom to go anywhere who have lot of powers who are free to take any decision who have good Knowledge of Law but they both are also suffering Sexual Harassment as Normal woman suffers so what will be the benefit of this Brotherhood and Education?

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  1. aapne bht acha likha h thanks aise girls ko aware krane k lie

    and sach m article pdhkar yhi sochri hu ki IAS bnkar b woman safe nai h iss smaaj m toh hmara kya hoga

  2. India is free but not the daughters of the country.India is growing but the thinking of society is falling.This is the reason why India is behind today, and it will not be developed until the thinking of this society changes....

  3. We should make our mother ,sister and every girl/women
    Self defensive, self dependent and self employed.
    This will help them to stand against injustice.
    And men society also need to change there point of view towards women .They should encourage them to fight against crime.
    We all should remember that men and women are both equal.


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