2020 red hot summer tour

2020 red hot summer tour 

Hello Everyone and welcome to all of you on your website. Today I am going to tell you 2020 Red Hot Summer Tour. If all of you want to know, then all of you must read this article carefully, and If you still do not understand anything at all then all of you can tell me in the comment section below, I will help you.

The topic which I choose is totally different from my other Topics. Today I choose 2020 red hot summer tour but this 2020 in India is not that much hot as we observed in last years so 2020 red hot summer tour in India make many persons to laugh.

Pediction of 2020

IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) predicted that 2020 going  to be very hot, but this prediction is totally wrong, this is not mistake of IMD because these all are natural calamities which are not in hand of IMD.


India usually get thunderstorms accompanied by Rainfall, Dust in Jan, Feb and March but this year they have continued even in April and May 2020, According to IMD there were 354 heavy rainfall events across India in March and April so this is too shocking because these natural calamities were happened in Jan to March but these are continued upto April. Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and Rajasthan were the victims of this Report because we observe lighting , Rain and thunderstorms in those states.

IMD Prediction for Hot summer

IMD had predicted this 2020 become  warmer than usual weather for the months of March and April in India. It said Average maximum Temperatures were likely to be warmer than usual by 0.5-1 degree for April, May and June in its last seasonal prediction, In the month of May heat waves were running a lot but this may of 2020 is not too hot it seems cooler than previous May and IMD report proved wrong because it said that May became warmer than Previous May but May is now cooler than previous May of 2019 by change of 4-5 degree temperature.

Why May 2020 is Cooler?

If we observed the temperature of May 2019 so it always lie between 42-44 degree celsius but now we observed so temperature lie in 30s, it shows May 2020 is cooler.
As we observe Thunderstorm, Rainfall and Lighting in the month of April that become the major Reason of this cool summer, and Thunderstorm occurred in the month of April due to western disturbance.

 Western Disturbance

Western disturbance is the major reason for storms, Rainfall and Lighting and it is very difficult to predict. Western distubance is an extratropical storm ( it doesn’t originate from Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn) originating in the Mediterranean region and passses by Afghanistan, Pakistan, iran which  brings sudden winter Rain to the north-western parts of the Indian sub-continent. Western disturbance cant be predict for long duration that’s why IMD Report proved wrong.
In Europe and Asia, the temperature is ver high which case they observe cooling and that region causes May 2020 show shocking behaviour in India, now we can say 2020 Red Hot Summer become Cooler and it is totally unbelievable what the IMD predicted and what is happening now.

 Cooling Summer is Fruitful

It can be fruitful for personal purposes mean it can give relief to our Family and ourself but it is very dangerous for our economy because we depend on agriculture which is directly proportional to monsoon season, If monsoon season is not good so farmers can’t grow that valuable crops which ledto decrease in Economy and as in lockdown we suffer a lot so this will be an another reason for our economic crisis.

This is the analysis how 2020 red hot summer tour changed into 2020 blue cold hot summer tour.

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