Rs.15,000 crore : COVID-19 Emergency Response Package

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As we all know the whole  world is fighting with this pandemic of Coronavirus. Around millions of people are not with us. We lost them just because of this pandemic  virus and we don’t know how much we lost in future so it is the time where we need unity either from the government or from our neighbours, Try to make all possible help which you can give to others. We should appreciate our government because our government again launched an Emergency Package for us, Some days ago Government launched Rs 1.7 lakh crore relief package and again our government launched an another emergency package


Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package

The full name of this new Emergency Package is “ Emergency Response and Health System  Preparedness  Package” , this was launched by our cabinet. It was created to create an urgent response for containing the spread of the Virus in India, to enhance treatment facilities and for setting up laboratories among others.

In beginning the government provide an amount of Rs 7,774 crore after that the rest of the amount will be used for medium term support for the next 1-4 years.

Key Objectives of this Emergency Package

This will introduced to slowdown the infection of coronavirus in India through the development of diagnostics and COVID-19 dedicated treatment facilities.

Centralised Procurement of essential medical equipment and drugs.

Strengthen and build National and State health systems.

Setting up of Laboratories and APPs ( Arogya Setu).

These interventions and initiatives  would be implemented under the Health Ministry.

How Emergency Package will be utilized

The fund will be utilized in 3 phases, at first phase The Health Ministry with the support of all the other ministeries, has already undertaken several activities.

An additional Rs 3000 crore under this Package has been released to States and Union Territories for strengthening existing health facilities as Covid-19 dedicated hospitals, dedicated Health centres and dedicated care centres for the disease.

Diagnostic laboratories network has been expanded and our testing capacity is increasing every day, orders for procurement of 13 lakh diagnostic kits have been placed for COVID-19 testing.

All health workers, including community health volunteers (ASHAs) have been covered under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package, Insurance scheme of 50 lakhs had also been launched for Health Workers lighting Covid-19.

N-95 masks, Ventilators and Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ), Testing kits and Drugs for treatment are being given centrally.

These all are done with the help of Emergency Package

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