Indore become new hotspot of Coronavirus

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Indore becomes COVID-19 epicentre as cases increases from 427 to 891 in 2 days

What is Indore?

Indore :  it is the most populous and largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also considered as an education hub of the state and has campuses of both the Indian institute of technology and the Indian institute of Management. It is the commercial city of Madhya Pradesh.


Now it lag behind all the cities in the number of Coronavirus cases become the first city which  have that much number of cases. As of 18 April, the number of active cases in the city rose to 892 including 47 deaths.

The indore will become new hotspot.

Why that much cases arisen?

Indore collector said: The virus could have been brought to Indore by passengers who arrived in January and February from abroad. About 5000 to 6000 passengers who landed in the city around the time were not screened properly.
Madhya Pradesh has only one International flight, which operates between Dubai and Indore.

The major reason behind it the lack of testing , the positive cases in Maharashtra have been reported after 50,000 odd tests, while the Madhya Pradesh figures are out of only 10,000 odd tests as on April 16.

Indore is also very densely populated city with a Population of about 30 lakh.

No cabinet for almost a month even as COVID- 19 rages( Jyotiraditya sindhiya took stand in MPby changing his political party which cause CM “Kamalnath” changed by Shivraj Singh Chauhan) and this happened on 23rd march before one day of Lockdown.

There is no health minister in Madhya Pradesh and this is the major reason behind the large number of cases.

What is being done by administration of Madhya Pradesh?

A decision has also been taken to screen “ every single resident” in Indore, over the next weeks. ( all resident of Indore will be taken for screening)
Positive patients are now being categorized as per symptoms

1.     Milder cases taken to COVID Care Centre, generally a hotel taken over for the purpose.

2.     The ones showing symptoms and moderates cases to hospitals

3.     Severe cases to coronavirus kept only in hospitals.

4.     Advisory committee will be constituted in MP in place of Health Minister.

But this is strictly said by the administration, if there is mild symptoms will be found in the patient so he/she will not be permitted to stay at home they had to shift theirself in hotels/ Guestrooms which were arranged by government.


According to local administration, One lakh houses and around 6 lakh people have been covered in screening already.
500 teams doing house-to-house survey, planning to form another 500 teams

Shameful thing done by the citizen of indore

On 1 April, Two doctors hurt in stone pelting during COVID-19 tracking in Indore at (Taat Patti Bakhal)

On 9th April, Police constable on Lockdown duty attacked with stones in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

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  1. In one place Indore is the cleanest city of India and now it is becoming the center of the corona epidemic.I wish all condition well soon.

  2. Change of gov is major issue for this problem according to me
    Some high profile people just want his own banifits thats y such type of huge problem face by mp people


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