Indian scientists develop software to detect COVID-19

As we know testing is very difficult in densely populated countries  like India because there are major reasons behind it, it cost a lot for our Administration and we haven’t that much testing kit to do testing for each and every person. The testing comprises lot of things in it, sometimes it can be checked by taking blood sample of an individual  but it also cost of about 400rs per  person  and if we do large scale tests means if the person is largely affected by coronavirus so blood test seemed not to be appropriate at that place, Nose and Throat Swabs test also be done  but it costs around 4500 Rs . We know that  tests were free for the citizens ( order given by supreme court) but these costs were bear by our government so it will be also not good point because if government spend on ourself so it will affect our economy also . Sometimes during testing our doctors also get infected as we see many cases  so our scientist found another method to deal this problem. As we know, our India developed an App that named “AROGYA SETU” which was praises by world bank also so India would be glad for it, but by developing this software India got an another chance for its praise.


Software made in:

It was developed in Kyoto, Japan by the team of Indian Medical scientists with support from a professor and students from IIT Roorkee, The team has developed 
an AI( artificial intelligence)  based software which uses X-ray to detect cases of the novel coronavirus.

How this software works?

As we know, India used a lot of X-ray machines usually in fractures of bones and this software also used this X-ray machine.
The chest x-ray image of the patient is taken and send it to the Deep and Machine Learning Model. The software design is a 2-step module in which input image is processed sequentially in two streams.
Coronavirus can be absorbed by the condition of lungs so it can be taken by X-rays and remaining work done by the software.
It can answer in Yes/No format for COVID  and  also can distinguish false positive non Covid cases like pneumonia., it is very helpful because AI based software also predict the same in Asymptomatic patients ( the patients which haven’t any symptoms of coronavirus but they suffer from coronavirus.

Accuracy of this software

This software is said to work with 99.69% accuracy( but now it used for small area), It is expected to get better with the availability of more Covid-19 images.

Its working is directly proportional to the clearity of the images, if the picture is clear so artificial intelligence works more so scientists will work on the clearity of the image.

Benefits of this software

1.This software is just based on X-ray, invasive swabs can be avoided and rapid screening  ( 100 images in 3.63 seconds) facilitated.
2. No touching is involved and hence there is no need of protective equipment.
3. It also more economical with no additional cost.

When it will be available in India?

At least, 3 state governments are already said to be in touch with the team working on it in Kyoto. The team is looking for requests for on- field validation.


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