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According to the New Delhi-based National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)’s case definition of a suspected COVID -19 patient is-
A suspected case is a person who has acute respiratory illness ( infectious disease occur in nose, trachea and lungs) with fever ,cough and breathing difficulty, with no other etiology(cause of disease) and has either travel history to china or any other country or is a contact of a confirmed case or is a health care worker in a where COVID-19 case has been admitted.

If the person got these symptoms so coronavirus-testing will must for him.


Procedures of coronavirus-testing 

Normal testing can be done by touch free thermometer , because this is not too expensive and easy to done ,By this we can get the symptoms of person and if we got symptoms then we apply advanced testing.

Step 1 Swab Test 

A health care provider will use a special swab to take a sample from your nose or throat means there is bud like an instrument which will place on your throat and nose and inject saliva and mucus from there.

Step 2 Nasal aspirate test

 A health care provider will inject a saline solution into your nose, then remove the sample with gentle suction.

Step 3 Blood test

 A health care professional will take a blood sample from a vein in your arm.

Step- Tracheal aspirate test

Tracheal aspirate – this is one of the difficult test in which a thin,lighted tube called a bronchoscope goes into your lungs, where a sample will be collected. There I camera in the tube which cause doctor will able to see the internal activity of the lungs and it will help to see the structure of mucus also.

Step-5  Sputum test

Sputum test- sputum is variation of mucus from your lungs that can be coughed out or sampled from the nose with a swab.

Testing uses real time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction , istly the tissue sample will collected and then they study the RNA(ribonucleic acid) and DNA ( deoxyribonucleic acid), then the will study how the RNA Breaks.

These are 5 steps which show how coronavirus-testing will done 


On 23rd march , 12 private labs authorized to conduct Covid -19 tests, have 15,000 collection centres.
“ICMR encourages free or subsidized testing in this hour of national public health emergency but they charges 4500 Rs per  individual ,Then the PIL  (Public Interest Litigation) was filed in the SC by Shashank sudhi who said coronavirus  test was very expensive in private labs.

SC said

“We find prima facia in the submission of petitioner that at this time of national calamity permitting private labs to charge Rs 4,500 for screening and confirmation test of COVID -19 test due to non payment of capped amount of Rs 4500”, the Supreme Court said .
 Means the population of India can’t afford the testing fee because most of the people earn 3000 Rs per month and due to lockdown there is no income source for them, it shows there income and saving is Rs 0 so how they will be able for test, if they find the symptoms and they not apply for test so they can spread the coronavirus and made themselves a coronavirus hotspot. To prevent this situation, supreme court ordered to free testing either from private labs or from government labs.

On this law, the private laboratories aked  if they provide free testing so the government provide them a reimbursement(the action of repaying a person who has spent or lost a money). On this SC says nothing , but it ordered to free testing.

                MY  VIEWS

This is the very best decision which was taken by SC because if the testing is more then the coronavirus cases will be reduced because testing is inversely proportional to the coronavirus cases. As we know , about south korea, it is the one of the country which do not apply any type of lockdown in their country coronavirus  spreaded there but it was slowdown by their T3 methods. Tracing, Testing and treating done on large scales which cause everything is good in south korea.

Karnataka also took this method to fight against COVID-19, ICMR also plans to test 1 lakhs testing per day if this action will take in india then we got relief from coronavirus, also give ur suggestions……….


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