Wednesday, 7 December 2016

7th December Current Affairs Quiz

Check your Daily Current Affairs understanding with Daily Current Affairs Quiz. Here, we're presenting you the 7th December Current Affairs quiz.

1.Who ruled that  Horse racing is not animal cruelty ?

2. Which Indian movie has ranked first in the list of 'Top  in 2016' by IMDb ?

3. Which actor named  Kids' Ikon of the Year by Nickelodeon ?

4. Which nations decided to share tax information automatically to eliminate tax evasion ?

5. Who will be the next Chief Justice of India ?

6. Which sensing remote satellite is launched by ISRO ?

7. How much  incremental has withdrawn by RBI in  (CRR) cash reserve ratio (CRR) ?

8. Which language is the top 10 most powerful languages ?

9. Who gets  RBI nod for 1st trade receivables exchange platform of RBI nod ?

10. How many of hands join to set up India's biggest oil refinery ?

11. Mahila E-haat ties up with whom for the development of Women and Child ?

12. Which hospitals Express to get two more coaches for cancer treatment ?

13. In which day Ambedkar's birth anniversary to be observed  in the country ?

14. Corporation Bank has bagged for which award ?

15.Which banks has bagged for SME award ?

16. Who has bagged the ‘CII National Quality 2016 Award’?

17. Who wins the  Turner Prize  2016 ?

18. Which noted journalist passes away?

19. What is the growth for cast declared by RBI for 2016 - 17?

20. Who tops global education ranking ?

21. What is the name given to joint maritime exercise between India and UK begin ?

Check your Answers

1. SC

2. Pink

3. Shah Rukh Khan


5.Bernard Cazeneuve

6. PSLV-C36


8. Hindi language



11. India Post, SBI

12. Lifeline Express

13. 'Water Day'

14. MSME

15. Vijaya Bank

16. BEML

17. Artist Helen Marten

18. Cho Ramaswamy

19. 7.1

20. Singapore

21. Konkan 16

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