Friday, 30 December 2016

30th December Current Affairs Quiz

Check your Daily Current Affairs understanding with Daily Current Affairs Quiz. Here, we're presenting you the 30th December Current Affairs quiz.

1. Who launched  the Scheme Swachh Swasth Sarvatra Scheme ?

2. Who registers India's highest per capital income ?

3. Which state police gets India's 1st digital investigation center ?

4. Who named the Best Film of 2016 in the year-end 'Film Companion Critics' Poll' in which 23 Indian film critics voted ?

5. Where winter Festival begins in ?

6. Who launched IVRS platform to tackle call drops ?

7. Who introduced a full-fledged NRI-focused mobile banking application called SIB Mirror+ across major mobile platforms ?

8. Where world Bhojpuri Conference begins in ?

9. Who  elected next chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh ?

10. Who laid the foundation of Nadikudi-Srikalahasti railway project and initiated several other development works in Andhra Pradesh ?

11. Who asked lenders to provide borrowers 90 days for repayment of housing, car, farm and other loans worth up to 1 crore rupees ?

12. Who launched QIP to raise over Rs 599.88 crore by issuing 4.25 crore shares in domestic or international markets ?

13. Who conduct first ever joint military drill ?

14. Who became new ambassador of Thumps Up ?

15. Whose autobiography will released on 15 January year  2017 ?

Check Your Answers

1. Government

2. Delhi

3. Haryana

4. 'Dangal'

5. Mount Abu

6. Government

7. South Indian Bank

8. Varanasi

9. Takam Pario

10. Suresh Prabhu

11. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

12. Lakshmi Vilas Bank

13. Nepal and China

14. Ranveer Singh

15. Rishi Kapoor's

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