Sunday, 25 December 2016

25th December Current Affairs Quiz

Check your Daily Current Affairs understanding with Daily Current Affairs Quiz. Here, we're presenting you the 25th December Current Affairs quiz.

1. In which state ‘Atal Setu’ inaugurated ?

2. Who awarded with Col. C.K. Nayadu Lifetime Achievement Award ?

3. When National Good Governance Day observed ?

4. When UNGA adopted world Tsunami Awareness Day ?

5. Who set the deadline to exchange the currency notes till 30th June 2016 ?

6. Who launched 1st Islamic Airline of Malaysia ?

7. Who launched the Hepatitis – C drug Harvoni in India ?

8. Who developed 1st Artificial Liver Tissue of India ?

9. Who signed USD 618 bn defence bill; boosts security cooperation with India ?

10. Who claimed world’s tallest artificial Christmas tree ?

11. Who successfully flight tests Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon ?

12. Who launched mobile App 'Smart Consumer' & OCMC to provide speedy redressal of consumer grievances ?

Check Your Answers

1. Jammu and Kashmir

2. Syed Kirman

3. On 25th December

4. On 05th November

5. RBI 

6. Indian origins

7. Biocon Limited

8. Pandorum Technologies

9. Obama 

10. Sri Lanka

11. DRDO 

12. Govt

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