Friday, 11 November 2016

First in World (Male)

About First in world Male)

Some famous people are widely know,while others are highly distinguished in a specific area of expertise.If  you find yourself in the position of introducing a famous person.

List of First in World  (Male) 
  • First secretary general of United Nations → Trygve Lie 
  • First UN Deputy Secretary General → Louise Frechette
  • First President of United States America → George Washington
  • First President of the Republic of China → Dr Sun Yat-Sen 
  • First Prime Minister of General Britian → Robert walpoie 
  • First Ethnic-India n Prime Minister of Fiji → Mahendra Choudhary
  • Pakistan’s first Governor General →  Mahammed Ali Jinnah
  • First Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister tovisit India →  Nikolai Bulganin
  • First Amercian Prisedent to visit India → Dwight David Eisenhower
  • First European invader of Indian soil → Alexander
  • First man to go into space → Major Yuri Gagarin 
  • First man to walk in space → Alexia Leonov 
  • First space tourist → Dennis Tito 
  • First man to set foot on the moon → Neil Armstrong 
  • First man to fly an aeroplane → Write Brothers
  • First man to reach North pole → Robert Peary
  • First man to reach South pole → Roald Amundsen
  • First European to visit china  → Marcopolo
  • First man to win Nobel prize for Physics  → WK Roentgen 
  • First man to win Nobel prize for Chemistry → JH Wenthoff 
  • First man to win Nobel prize for Medical → AE Von Behring
  • First man to win Nobel prize for Literature → Sully Prudhomme 
  • First man to win Nobel prize for Economics → Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen 
  • First man to win Nobel prize for Peace → Henry Dunant  and Frederic Passy 
  • First man to compile encyclopaedia → Aspheosis
  • First man to draw the map on earth  → Anexemander
  • First deaf and dumb to cross the strait of Gibralter → Taranth Shenoy
  • First person to sail around the world → Ferdinand Magellan
  • First blind man to scale Mount Everest → Eric Weihenmayer
  • First man to climb Mount Everest twice → Nawang gombu 
  • First man to climb Mount Everest → Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary
  • First man to hit double century in One Day International Match → Sachin Tendulkar 


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