Friday, 19 February 2016

World History Study Material| General Knowledge


Study Material of World History

World History is also one of the important sections you need to focus on. In some competitive exams this section get high importance but there are also many examinations of lower level in which this section is not included in the syllabus.

World History study the history from global perspective. There are many revolutions and wars happened which changed the world. We will study about those revolutions, Industrialisation, idea of Nationalism and World Wars. This help us in getting clear picture about today's world.

• Renaissance

• American Revolution

• French Revolution

• Industrialisation

• Concept of Nationalism

• Unification of Italy and Germany

• Imperialism and Colonialism

• World War I

• Russian Revolution

• The World from 1919 to the Second World War

• World War II

• Political Philosophies

• United Nations

• Cold War

• Disintegration of USSR


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