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Study Material of Indian History

History of India is very ancient. It starts with Indus Valley Civilisation and ends with partition of India and formation of Republic of India in 1947. Indian history can be divided into three period according to time basis: Ancient period, Medieval period and Modern period.

India saw the growth and fall of Indus Valley Civilisation, Vedic Civilisation with the coming of Aryans, formation of many religions, emergence of many states, large kingdoms of Mauryans and Guptas and many powerful regional kingdoms in its ancient times.

Medieval period starts with Delhi Sultanate with ruled over major parts of Northern India, later reduced. Rise of many Hindus, Rajputas and Sikhs are also part of this. After that Mughals came and conquered most part of India but later declined and gave rise to many small powers such as Marathas, Sikhs and Mysore.

Modern India starts from late 18th Century, when major parts of India was captured by the British East India Company. The anger with their no responsible rule cause rebellion of 1857 which ends the Company era and started the British Crown era. The early 20th century show the disagreement with British rule which turns into the nation wide movement joined many organizations which ultimately led to independence and also partition of India into the dominions of India and Pakistan.

We'll study these things in whole details as these are very important for the various competitive exams conducted in India.

Ancient Indian History

Pre-History of India

• Indus Valley Civilisation

• Vedic Period

• Rise of Religions

• Mahajanapadas

• Mauryan Empire

• Post Mauryan period

• States of Deccan and South India

• Gupta Period

• Regional States during Gupta period

• Post Gupta Period

Medieval India

• Early Medieval India - 750 to 1200 AD

• Delhi Sultanate

• Khalji Dyansty

• Tughluq Dynasty

• Lodi Dynasty

• Rise of Regional states

• Mughal Dynasty

• Independent States during Mughal period

Modern India

• Arrival of Europeans in India

• British Expansion of India

• British Policies

• Social an Cultural reforms in India

• The Great Revolt of 1857

• Indian Nationalism

• Indian National Congress

• Nationalist Movement till 1918

• Gandhian Era

• Revolutionaries

• Partition

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